Ballet- Teen
Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Classes begin at the barre where students perform movement sequences to develop strength, coordination, balance and proper alignment. These skills are reinforced through center and across the floor combinations. Classical technique and vocabulary are taught. Pointe shoes are introduced to students who are ready, at the discretion of the instructor.

Jazz- Teen
This intermediate level class is an excellent experience for the student who is interested in further strengthening their dance technique. Including elements of ballet, jazz and modern technique, we will work to develop a solid technical base in the dancers.The students will learn a variety of jumps and turns as well as innovative choreography in this athletic class.  This class will feature a variety of jazz styles- from broadway jazz to lyrical jazz.  The class consists of warm up and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility and strength. Class time will be devoted to learning jazz technique as well as funky jazz dance combinations.

Modern- Teen
Modern dance is a form of concert dance which encourages the freedom of expression, improvisation, innovation and creative exploration of movement. The aesthetic of modern dance (also now called contemporary dance) is very diverse, as it is up to the choreographers to create their individual identity through their movement style. Some modern dance can take on balletic qualities, while others can bring the grounded elements of African dance into the aesthetic. Students are encouraged to express their own creativity through this form of dance.

Performance Teams:
Senior Performance Team
Junior Performance Teams 1 & 2

Pre Performance Team

The Inspire performance team is a group of young dancers ages 7-14 who train in both ballet and jazz classes at the studio. The dancers perform in events in and around the community.  The dancers have performed at Celebrate Holliston, the Holliston Holiday Stroll and were featured on a local TV show, 'Milford Performs'. The dancers have also performed at local Halloween events and for the elderly. Dancers interested in joining the Performance Team should contact Miss Amanda.

Adult Class Descriptions

Adult Intermediate Contemporary 
Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. Contemporary dance allows for freedom of expression through movement. This is an intermediate level class and previous dance training is recommended. 

School Age Class Descriptions

Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo:

1st Grade,

2nd Grade

This is a perfect combination class for young dancers ages.  Ballet training promotes coordination, balance, correct body alignment and grace. Tap dancing develops a keen sense of rhythm, timing and musical awareness. Jazz dance introduces a stylistic dance vocabulary for a fun, funky and expressive way of dancing.This class is a fun and well rounded introduction to dance for young students.

Preschool Program Class Descriptions

Move and Groove
2 year olds 
Move & Groove is designed for the specific needs of a two year old. This parent/tot class is a wonderful introduction to the structure of a classroom while allowing the child the freedom to explore her own natural movement. Dancers will march, gallop and roll...jump, twirl, wiggle and giggle while using our imaginations to go on exciting adventures. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through the use of music, dance, props and fun obstacle courses.

Creative Ballet 
2.5 - 3.5 year olds
In this fun and exciting class dancers will march, gallop and roll... jump, twirl, wiggle and giggle while using our minds to go on exciting adventures. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through class dances, props, and fun obstacle courses.  

3- 4 year olds
4 - 5 year olds
In this class we will skip, gallop and leap... stretch, crawl, wiggle and giggle. The dancers will learn basic tap dance, which is a wonderful activity to nurture a sense of rhythm and timing. We introduce and teach basic ballet positions and movements. A portion of this preschool class also allows the dancers to be able to freely experience their own moving body and find joy in dancing. This preschool dance class is a wonderful introduction for the young student to a basic classroom structure in a fun and nurturing environment.  

Popstar Hip Hop- Kindergarten & 1st grade
Does your child love to dance and pretend to be a popstar? Popstar hip hop is a very cool yet age appropriate dance class for children 5-7 years old. The dancers will learn basic hip hop as well as show some of their own best dance moves while grooving to their favorite music. 

Hip Hop for Grades 1-2
This class is a basic introduction to hip hop and jazz funk style dance. The class will include hip hop technique and choreography, and of course freestyle improvisation! We will have a blast dancing to age appropriate music and moves for the young dancers.

Jazz dance introduces a stylistic dance vocabulary for a fun, expressive way of dancing. Basic jazz dance technique will be introduced in this class. This dance style is known for it's upbeat music and choreography style

Contemporary dance is a dance genre which encourages the freedom of expression, improvisation, innovation and creative exploration of movement.  We will also use improvisation games to inspire the student's own creative movement. Contemporary is offered to students who have previous dance training in ballet and jazz.  Students will dance in bare feet.

Hip Hop 
This hip hop class is a fast-paced and energetic dance style using the latest street/urban dance moves set to hip hop music. Hip hop encompasses a wide range of street styles including breaking, locking and popping. This class for young beginners specifically focuses on developing rhythm and coordination while encouraging individual style.

Inspirations Program
'Inspirations' is a dance program specifically designed for children with special needs.  Please contact the studio for additional information about our new program!